Sustainability & Green Building

We believe green building is environmentally intelligent and good design. We make daylight, fresh air, clean water, and diversity work for you as we create and execute environmentally intelligent design strategies.

We work with Building Owners, Designers and Builders.

Green Building
Benefits You

Greenform contributes to a built environment that is poetic, innovative, comfortable and safe.

We aspire to create buildings that filter daylight, purify air, recycle water, and generate energy; and we imagine a built environment that is at least carbon neutral. Our design process applies systems and materials knowledge, creativity, and innovation to create sustainable and beautiful architecture.


Green Building Verification

  • LEED
  • Build it Green
  • Building Challenge
  • HERS
  • BPI
  • Energy Audits
  • Green Building Reports
  • Corporate Strategizing
  • Education


Find responsible solutions that integrate sustainable policies and practices with your organization's mission and goals. Greenform helps you:

  • Envision a sustainable future
  • Uncover, outline, and prioritize measurable goals
  • Implement realistic objectives